• Since its inception in 2000, Abeeda and Associates (Pty) Ltd has ensured its own strategic development as a company and as an employer whilst at the same time striving towards growing its client base and delivering service excellence as a consulting company and as a training provider.

  • Abeeda and Associates (Pty) Ltd has achieved Institutional Accreditation and has had several training programmes accredited and approved.

  • Abeeda and Associates (Pty) Ltd is the second company within the Services SETA to have achieved recognition as an Investors in People company.

Products and Services

By using our experience and vast network of resources in the education, training and development environment, we will be able to both advise and direct our clients to sources, types of service or tools they will need to get the very best out of their HR strategy. These services cover areas such as:
Strategic design of education, training and development policy and systems;
Design, implementation and research related to workplace skills plans;
Building capacity and consulting to Skills Development Facilitators regarding the outcomes they have to achieve and the competencies they require;
Consulting, assisting, training and advising on the design of appropriate qualification development to facilitate SAQA registration on the NQF;
Strategising and planning activities to integrate and coherently approach skills development to ensure not only Enterprise interests being met but also that sectoral and national interests are met;
Positioning Enterprises to capitalise on the identification, design and registration of Learnerships thereby ensuring growth in sector specific skills requirements and harnessing government funding for these activities;
Ensuring that there is no competence decay of employees by making sure that the knowledge, skills, attitudes, information and competencies required to engage with these issues are continuously up-dated and remain current;
Provision of consultancy services with regard to development and implementation of QMS by advising on quality assurance mechanisms and developing strategies for quality management systems;
Integrating skills development strategies with employment equity targets and objectives;
Assisting with the management of knowledge and skills retention strategies;
Advising on cultural diversity and transformation strategies;
Designing computer programmes and systems to manage employment equity and skills development requirements;
Database development to monitor progress on implementation of employment equity and skills development;
Website design and management;
Software and hardware technical support;

Abeeda & Associates (Pty) Ltd should offer a comprehensive range of complementary services to support the client in all aspects of education, training and skills development and employment equity that will guarantee compliance and levy-grant rebates as well as be supported by the relevant information technology requirements.
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Previous projects

We have developed several tools, systems and procedures to deal with the design and implementation of HR systems and strategies for the Directorate of Standards Setting and Development of SAQA as well as commercial enterprises such as Eskom and Denel; implemented skill development initiatives, capacity building and training in various enterprises

Developed a monitoring and evaluation system for SAQA for NSB operations
Conducted national research in the form of an Impact Study for the SABC
Facilitated the standards generation process for over 40 different SGBs

Facilitated the process of curriculum alignment for the Centre of Business Management of UNISA
Evaluated qualifications for SAQA of over 19 Higher Education institutions for interim registration and evaluated both qualifications and unit standards submitted to SAQA by SGBs across all 12 NSB before processing for registration

Evaluated learning programmes for Further and Higher Education institutions with the view to registration and accreditation with the relevant structures, such as Council for Higher Education (CHE)
Developed a learning materials development framework for SARS and aligned 15 of their training programmes to NQF registered standards

Designed and developed several learnership and skills programmes from the actual standards generation processes to the DoL registration processes

Developed 11 RPL assessment instruments for a SETA to assist in the recruitment, selection and placement of learners on learnership and skills programmes

Developed an RPL policy and implementation process for both a commercial company to assist in their employee competency profiling as well as for Merseta
Designed and implemented different systems of accreditation of providers of four (4) different SETAs that have between 50 - 1800 providers. These processes were designed and customized for varying needs within the different sectors to include private providers, large providers, workplace based providers and SME and owner-providers. The largest of these projects (over 1100 providers accredited over the last year) has been successfully completed and renewed.

Include Project Management experience that allowed for the design and implementation of projects of a substantial nature as well as train senior officials of the Department of Transport in Project Management
Assisted training providers to meet requirements and achieved accreditation status

Scope and Reach

The company is a SME but has undertaken several large projects through associate partnership with other institutions and enterprises.

We have the ability to mobilize other black SMEs in partnerships and joint ventures resulting in a rich mix of complementary skills founded on strong local roots and commitment to the future of emerging business.

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